Dry Air Dominates, Keeps Snow Totals Down in Boston

The much advertised nor’easter number four may have delivered a slam dunk of snow from the nation’s capital to the city that never sleeps, but when it comes to New England, it was a shadow of what we expected it to be.

The culprit for this forecast demise was an abundance of dry air — cited in our on-air forecasts the morning of the storm. Our concern had been that dry air would cause wide variability in snowfall amounts... instead, that dry air absolutely dominated, eating away at much of the moisture as it tried streaming north into New England.

Dry air evaporating the moisture meant a slower start to the snow... and a slower start to snow meant temperatures remained milder, further cutting accumulations when snow finally began.

So, pockets of wet snow accumulated a coating to two inches over the course of Thursday morning with diminishing intensity and warming temperatures virtually negating most impact from late morning onward.

The upcoming weekend will continue to bring cool air to New England, with more clouds than sun Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

There will be a disturbance followed by a northeast wind likely to deliver snow showers late Saturday through Saturday night, with flurries lingering Sunday.

Though some warming is expected next week, it will likely happen later in the week.

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