Mass. Teen Who Sent Message In a Bottle Gets Reply, 9 Years Later

"I am mind blown," Max Vrendenburgh said in a viral tweet

Talk about a blast from the past. 

A man who sent out a message in a bottle from Rockport, Massachusetts, nine years ago says the bottle has been found on a beach in southern France. 

In a now-viral tweet, Max Vrendenburgh said he sent the bottle out to sea as a 10-year-old, attaching a photo of the letter he sent as well as the return letter he recieved in October. 

In the letter, Vrendenburgh wrote: "I'm 10 years old, I like apples, I like the beach... Please write back." 

The author of the return letter, dated Oct. 15, said the bottle was found on a beach between Contis and Mimizam.   

"You had grown a lot during that time: 10 to 19 years old," the author wrote. 

"I am mind blown," Vrendenburgh said in his post.

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The tweet had garnered nearly 500,000 likes as of Monday afternoon. 

"I somehow suspect that this is what twitter was actually meant to be," one Twitter user commentd.

"This is incredible," another user said.

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