Nearly 300 Sharks Have Been Spotted Off New England This Summer. Here's Where

Sightings were reported from Maine to Nantucket over the past week

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The past week was another busy one for shark sightings. Sharks were spotted off the coast of Maine, off Hampton Beach in New Hampshire, off Nantucket, and mostly swimming and feeding off Cape Cod.

This summer, sharks have been spotted further north than in recent years, in areas like New Hampshire and southern Maine, where a woman was fatally attacked by a great white last month.

Dr. James Sulikowski, who has been studying sharks off Maine, shares his thoughts on the shark attack that killed a swimmer this week, and how you can reduce the risk of a shark attack.

So far, there have been about 300 shark sightings off New England waters since early June.

Over the past week alone, a total of 50 sharks have been spotted from Maine to Nantucket.

Here's a breakdown of where they were spotted, by region:

  • Cape Cod -- 43
  • Nantucket -- 1
  • Plum Island -- 1
  • Hampton Beach in New Hampshire -- 1
  • Maine -- 4

You can also check the Sharktivity app for a complete breakdown of every sighting so far this summer.

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