New Surveillance Video of Suspects in Dedham Robbery

New surveillance video that shows two suspects near the scene of Friday's police chase in Dedham, Massachusetts surfaced on Saturday.

Boston police said they were aware of the video, which was taken from a local business, as they continued to search for suspects in Friday's armed robbery.

Dedham residents were urged to stay inside Friday afternoon as police searched for armed robbery suspects who abandoned their vehicle amidst a chase.

Dedham and Massachusetts State Police searched for the suspected robbers near Violet and Commonwealth Avenue, where an abandoned car was found. But after about an hour, they said it appeared that the robbery suspects had left the area and people could return to normal activity.

The robbery took place at 350 Cummins Highway, in Hyde Park, Boston police told NBC10 Boston, about four miles away from where officers were searching.

"A suspect in an armed robbery abandoned a vehicle after a pursuit. Residents advised to stay inside until this situation is resolved," Dedham police said in an earlier tweet.

Massachusetts State Police said its officers were searching in the air and on the ground for "multiple armed robbery suspects who fled" their vehicle.

Police flooded the area searching for suspects.

State police said that a gun was recovered, as the suspects left a black BMW behind.

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