Outdoor Plans Safe Today With Sunshine Before Rain Moves In

After Thursday’s weather embarrassment, we’re tidying up the forecast and getting back on track (note to MBTA).

While it’s not ideal, it’s light years beyond the 50s of Thursday. Highs will "soar" well into the 70s, but as a pocket of unstable air drifts in overhead, it may allow the clouds to grow into a few widely scattered showers during the afternoon.

They move off swiftly by evening, so outdoor plans, youth sports, and nights out on the town should be fine.

Saturday is the day summer reasserts itself. Not only is it the best day of the weekend, but also may be the best day of the next week or so. Warm air will move in on the heels of a steady southwest wind and boost us into the low 80s.

Father’s Day starts the trend of sun, clouds, pop-up afternoon storms/showers that will play out over the following five days. Not washouts, mind you. But still, the threat looms large each day.

A stalled front is to blame and since the trigger points are weak along this front, timing each batch of wet weather is not only a challenge, but a fool’s errand this far out.

Enjoy the sun, the semblance of summer and a happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there.

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