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Jets Player Who Tackled Patriots Mascot: ‘NFL Says I Put Him in Hospital’

Jamal Adams says the NFL isn't happy with him after he tackled Pat Patriot at the Pro Bowl

New England Patriots fans are not thrilled with a now viral video that shows the team's mascot, Pat Patriot, being tackled to the ground by New York Jets safety Jamal Adams.

Adams, who got a running start, leveled the Patriots' mascot Wednesday at the NFL Pro Bowl In Florida.

The Jets player posted the video on Twitter saying, “This one is for every Patriots hater out there. I got y’all.”

No one can be seen helping Pat Patriot up before the video pans away, and then Adams can be seen laughing with his teammates.

“They’re not happy with me right now," Adams told ESPN's Diana Russini. "The NFL is calling my phone blowing me up saying that I put him in the hospital."

We reached out to the Patriots several times Thursday but did not hear back.

Adams seemed less than remorseful Thursday when speaking to Russini.

“Do I regret it? Nooooo,” he said.

New England fans at the Patriots ProShop in Foxboro weren’t loving the video Thursday.

“That’s disrespectful,” one fan said.

“Haters gonna hate," Victoria Bryan said. "And ultimately people are just going to be rude when they’re dealing with people who are the best, so.”

Fan Chris Palacios said, "I think sometimes people forget there’s human beings inside these costumes.”

Pat Patriot was back on two legs Thursday, tweeting out photos of himself at the Pro Bowl saying, “Still here and having some fun at the ProBowl.”

While Adams has faced some heat for his actions, he says he was just having fun and tweeted out, “C’mon don’t make nothin into something. Life’s too short.”

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