Raul's Rant: The Playoffs Need to Run Through Foxborough

The Patriots need to get their starters out there and go win home field advantage

Time for a Raul’s Rant. 

I see you Miami. Winners of 9 out of your last 10. 

But are you for real? 

The Dolphins best win is against the Steelers, but that was back in week 6 and they haven’t beat anyone with a winning record since. 

Sunday’s game has the feel of a playoff game. Beat the Patriots when it matters to both teams late in the season and we’ll start treating you seriously. 

As for the Patriots, my one request to Bill Belichick. Don’t do what you did last year. 

Get your starters out there and go win home field advantage. Don’t put yourself in a position where you have to play in Oakland to go to the Super Bowl. I don’t care if they have quarterback issues. So did the Broncos in 2015 and they sent New England packing in the AFC championship. 

The playoffs should run through the Patriots in Foxborough. 

You are better than Miami. 

Go remind them of that.

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