Residents Prepare for Heat Wave

Saturday was the fourth time Boston reached 90 degrees in 2021

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We are moving into the first heat wave of the year! In fact, Saturday afternoon, kicked off the beginning of several days of 90-plus weather.

Temperatures were pushing 90 degrees in many spots this weekend.

This a also perfect beach weekend, but don’t forget the sunscreen, sunglasses and be sure to stay hydrated.

This heat wave peaks Monday with temperatures well into the 90s, and with humidity on the rise it feels like values will be near 100 degrees.

For folks who’ve been waiting for this sunshine, the oppressive heat is worth it.

"It’s so nice to get outside," one woman said. "Especially after the pandemic. I've been kind of like, inside all day and I bet everybody else has been too so to get out in this 85, 90 degree weather and playing volleyball outside just feels great."

By Tuesday and Wednesday, scattered afternoon thunderstorms will make the temperatures just a bit less intense.

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