Revere Mayor Concerned About Negative Impact of Everett Casino

With the Encore Boston Harbor resort casino set to open in Everett, Massachusetts, the mayor of neighboring Revere is expressing concern over safety.

Revere Mayor Brian Arrigo announced the creation of the Casino Advisory Commission, a panel charged with tracking the impacts — both positive and negative — of the new casino.

The commission will monitor several impacts from the casino, which opens on Sunday, including parking, first responder overtime costs and crime rates.

"We are going to be impacted by this negatively," said Arrigo. "The immediate concerns are obviously traffic and the traffic impact."

Unlike other nearby cities, Revere doesn't have a surrounding community agreement with the casino, which means it won't receive money from the resort to defray impact costs.

"For example, Malden, which is a great example," said Arrigo. "It gets over a million dollars a year as a surrounding community."

He said the previous mayor opted out of an agreement with the casino.

Arrigo said he hopes the information gathered by the commission can be used to convince the casino to help mitigate the impact costs.

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