Safety Issues Force Plymouth Firefighters From Headquarters

A Massachusetts fire department's headquarters are uninhabitable due to safety concerns.

Plymouth firefighters cannot go back to their headquarters because the building is falling apart.

Bricks are cracked. Rebar is exposed. The roof is being repaired.

"I've had it," Plymouth Fire Chief Ed Bradley said. "My anger peaked out yesterday."

Bradley says on Monday, the problem with the roof became an emergency.

During repairs, decades worth of debris fell, making the building uninhabitable.

The trucks and engines had to be moved to a station two and a half miles away.

"That increased the response time to the downtown and this area by three-and-a-half, four minutes," Bradley said.

"We keep hitting brick walls on getting the town to actually stop putting band-aids on and actually fix the problem," said Brian Baragwanath, the president of the firefighters' union.

Tuesday night, the town manager gave an update to the select board. She says crews are being moved to Plymouth Memorial Hall for the next few days. They're also looking to add a housing trailer at headquarters.

Questions remain over a long-term plan.

"To put $13-14 million in this building is absolutely ridiculous," Bradley said. "It's just burning money and throwing it away. We need a new facility here."

The chief says his other stations here have problems, as well. He says he wants to see the town come up with a plan to get all those issues addressed.

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