Shell Casings Found in Bathroom at High School in Danvers

Thirteen empty shell casings were found at a high school in Danvers, Massachusetts, school officials announced in an email sent to parents Wednesday night.

The shell casings were found in the boys' restroom adjacent to the concession stand in the stadium area at Essex Technical High School, according to Principal Brad Morgan.

"We have had incidents where casings were found in shoes in the bathroom in the school and brought the principal’s attention and it’s kinda just a normal thing," said one student.

During the day Wednesday, there were two girls' lacrosse games against North Reading and a track meet with North Andover and Triton.

The casings were reported to school personnel later in the afternoon, Morgan said.

Danvers police were called to the high school and are investigating the incident in cooperation with school officials.

It is unclear who found the shell casings.

Although the discovery is concerning to students and parents, some say they were not alarmed.

"Personally I don’t feel like it’s a threat at all," said sophomore Sunney Marcus. "We do have a lot of farm kids that go out and hunt with their fathers."

The incident was still something parents said they wanted to be alerted to in an age of gun violence inside schools.

"I’m concerned but I’m not overly concerned because there’s a gun range — I’m not sure how far down — and there’s plenty of woods around here," said one parent who did not give her name.

The incident remains under investigation.

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