Turkey Captured After Months of Stopping Traffic in Peabody

A turkey called Main Street in Peabody, Massachusetts, home for months. The neighborhood named him Ed. He stopped traffic whenever he pleased. Police took back the neighborhood on Wednesday, but Ed didn't go quietly.

"The whole area was chaos," said Sydney Drayton, who lives in the area and saw the turkey almost every day since November. "There was cop cars everywhere, traffic was backed up and it was just like, 'Wow, this is all going down right now, I guess.'"

It's not your typical criminal, but this is one bad bird.

"I would see the lineup of cars. It was getting a little ridiculous," said Drayton.

Peabody Police and environmental police had him surrounded on Wednesday after they got a call from a concerned citizen about Ed's safety.

Rachelle Castricone, who has made Ed the star of her Snapchat stories since November, took a video of his capture that has circulated on the internet.

"I have videos of him walking down the sidewalk — walking down them idle of the street," said Castricone. "I actually got out of my car once to try to get him to safety."

Despite Ed's pesky ways, this bully of a bird has made his way into the hearts of people who live here.

"I guess peace has been restored," said Drayton. "I was kind of rooting for him that we would have a neighborhood turkey."

The turkey showdown ended with Ed in greener pastures. The environmental police said they released him in a state park, but it's their policy not to disclose the location.

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