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  • artificial intelligence Jun 8

    Coronavirus Is Shaping the Future of AI and Robotics

    Artificial intelligence and robotics are becoming more important during the coronavirus to help bridge divides between people forced to social distance. The CEO and COO of the Boston-based AI company Neurala explained why.

  • artificial intelligence May 23

    Twitter Billionaire Jack Dorsey: Automation Will Even Put Tech Jobs in Jeopardy

    The rise of artificial intelligence will make even software engineers less sought after. That’s because artificial intelligence will soon write its own software, according to Jack Dorsey, the tech billionaire boss of Twitter and Square. And that’s going to put some beginning-level software engineers in a tough spot. “We talk a lot about the self-driving trucks in and whatnot” when discussing how automation...

  • Pentagon Feb 25

    Pentagon Adopts New Ethical Principles for Using AI in War

    The Pentagon is adopting new ethical principles as it prepares to accelerate its use of artificial intelligence technology on the battlefield

  • Department of State Nov 27, 2019

    US Criticizes China for Abuses Against Minorities Revealed by Leaked Cables

    Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Tuesday that a cache of leaked documents proves that Chinese authorities are engaged in massive and systemic repression of Muslims and other minorities in western China, as a number of foreign governments expressed serious concern about the scale of the campaign. Pompeo said the documents underscored “an overwhelming and growing body of evidence” that...

  • Southern California Nov 24, 2019

    Paging Dr. Robot: Artificial Intelligence Moves Into Care

    The next time you get sick, your care may involve a form of the technology people use to navigate road trips or pick the right vacuum cleaner online. Artificial intelligence is spreading into health care, often as software or a computer program capable of learning from large amounts of data and making predictions to guide care or help patients. It...

  • Donald Trump Nov 22, 2019

    China's Xi Says Beijing Wants Trade Deal With U.S., Can ‘Fight Back'

    President Xi Jinping said Friday that Beijing wants to work for a trade deal with the United States but is not afraid to “fight back” to protect its own interests. Echoing the upbeat tone adopted by other Chinese officials in recent days, Xi told a visiting U.S. business delegation that China holds a “positive attitude” about the trade talks. “As...

  • California Nov 21, 2019

    California Lawmaker Wants to Ban Sending Unwanted Nude Pics

    Exposing yourself on the street is a crime, but the law is less clear when it happens in the digital realm. Earlier this year, Texas outlawed sending unwanted nude photos to people through dating apps or other digital means, making it a Class C misdemeanor with a fine of up to $500. Now Chang, who has since been elected to...

  • Donald Trump Nov 15, 2019

    Esper Defends $10B Pentagon Contract Disputed by Amazon

    U.S. Defense Secretary Mark Esper said Friday he was certain that the awarding of a $10 billion cloud-computing contract to Microsoft instead of Amazon was done fairly. The Pentagon awarded the contract to Microsoft in late October, and Amazon said there was “unmistakable bias” on the government’s part and it intended to challenge the decision in court. Esper recused himself...

  • PRESIDENT Nov 13, 2019

    3 Universities, Medical Center Get $1B Gift to Teach and Research

    Three universities and a health care institution are sharing a gift of more than $1 billion that’s one of the largest in the history of higher education, they announced Wednesday. Receiving $260 million apiece will be Duke University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the University of Southern California, and the Cleveland Clinic. The institutions are free to use the money...

  • Facebook Nov 8, 2019

    Saudi Recruitment of Twitter Workers Reflects Insider Risks

    Allegations that two former Twitter employees spied on users for the Saudi government have spotlighted the threat posed by insiders who exploit their access to the mountains of sensitive data held by tech companies.

  • CEO Oct 29, 2019

    Apple Resumes Human Reviews of Siri Audio With IPhone Update

    Apple is resuming the use of humans to review Siri commands and dictation with the latest iPhone software update. In August, Apple suspended the practice and apologized for the way it used people, rather than just machines, to review the audio. While common in the tech industry, the practice undermined Apple’s attempts to position itself as a trusted steward of...

  • head Oct 27, 2019

    From Beirut to Hong Kong, Protests Evoke Global Frustration

    In Hong Kong, it was a complicated extradition dispute involving a murder suspect. In Beirut, it was a proposed tax on the popular WhatsApp messenger service. In Chile, it was a 4-cent hike in subway fares. Recent weeks have seen mass protests and clashes erupt in far-flung places triggered by seemingly minor actions that each came to be seen as...

  • New Hampshire Oct 25, 2019

    Beating Trump ‘Not Enough' to Battle Climate Change, Dem Hopeful Says

    Presidential hopeful Michael Bennet said Friday that Democrats must fundamentally change how Washington operates if they want to implement lasting action on climate change. Speaking at a Politics and Eggs event in Manchester, New Hampshire, the Democratic senator from Colorado said it would take more than winning the election in 2020 to make lasting change.

  • Donald Trump Oct 23, 2019

    Google Claims Breakthrough in Blazingly Fast Computing

    Google announced Wednesday it has achieved a breakthrough in quantum computing, saying it has developed an experimental processor that took just minutes to complete a calculation that would take the world’s best supercomputer thousands of years. The feat could open the door someday to machines so blazingly fast that they could revolutionize such tasks as finding new medicines, developing vastly...

  • New Hampshire Oct 23, 2019

    2020 Hopeful Andrew Yang Talks Syria, Universal Basic Income, Automation in the Work Force in NH

    Democratic presidential hopeful Andrew Yang on Wednesday slammed President Donald Trump’s “erratic and unreliable” foreign policy while calling for the U.S. to rebuild its alliances. Calling the situation in Syria “heartbreaking,” the entrepreneur said if elected president, he let allies know that our word would be good and that the U.S. wouldn’t abruptly change its course.

  • NBCUniversal Inc. Oct 4, 2019

    FTC Sues Match Group Over Phony Profile Notifications

    The Federal Trade Commission is suing the company that owns the dating site for allegedly tricking people into paying for a subscription.

  • Facebook Sep 28, 2019

    Pope Warns Tech Executives to Use AI for the Common Good

    Pope Francis on Friday warned tech company executives, diplomats and financiers that the race to create artificial intelligence and other forms of digital development pose the risk of increasing social inequality unless the work is accompanied by an ethical evaluation of the common good.

  • Facebook Sep 25, 2019

    Humans Will Start Listening to Your Google Assistant Voice Commands Again

    Google is restarting a practice in which human contractors listen to and transcribe some voice commands people give to the company’s artificial intelligence system, Assistant. But this time Google is taking steps to make sure people know what they are agreeing to.

  • CEO Sep 3, 2019

    Niche Home-Sharing Sites Roll Out Welcome Mat for Minorities

    Every few months, social media lights up with a story or viral video about discrimination in home-sharing: A host kicks out a black guest or cancels a gay couple’s booking or doesn’t respond to a Muslim woman’s inquiry. The dominant brands — Airbnb, and VRBO — work quickly to contain the damage. They may ban the host, find new...

  • PRESIDENT Sep 2, 2019

    In Escalating Trade War, US Consumers May See Higher Prices

    The United States and China on Sunday put in place their latest tariff increases on each other’s goods, potentially raising prices Americans pay for some clothes, shoes, sporting goods and other consumer items before the holiday shopping season. President Donald Trump said U.S.-China trade talks were still on for September. “We’ll see what happens,” he told reporters as he returned...

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