• Massachusetts Feb 11

    MIT Grad Named Person of Interest in Conn. Murder Case

    A graduate student at Yale University was shot and killed over the weekend, and police are searching for a Massachusetts native who graduated from MIT.

  • MIT Jan 14

    MIT Professor Charged With Fraud for Failing to Disclose Work for Chinese Gov't

    A professor and researcher at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is facing federal charges for allegedly failing to disclose his ties to the Chinese government to the U.S. Department of Energy. Gang Chen, 56, of Cambridge, was arrested Thursday morning on charges that he abused his position as a professor at MIT to commit wire fraud, failed to file a…

  • Gang Chen Jan 14

    MIT Professor Facing Federal Charges

    A professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is facing federal charges for allegedly failing to disclose his ties to the Chinese government to the U.S. Department of Energy.

  • Harvard Dec 13, 2020

    A Wave of Black Students Takes Presidencies at Top-Tier Universities

    Harvard University undergrad Noah Harris arrived at a Black Lives Matter protest in June in his home state of Mississippi bearing sunglasses, a bandana mask and a “say their names” sign. By summer’s end, he led his classmates in raising $300,000 for Black advocacy and civil rights organizations, NBC News reports. His work grabbed the attention of his fellow Harvard…

  • BOSTON Nov 13, 2020

    Boston University, MIT, Northeastern See Rising Coronavirus Cases

    With Thanksgiving break on the horizon, some colleges and universities in the Boston area are seeing a spike in coronavirus cases on their campuses. The COVID-19 dashboards for Boston University, MIT and Northeastern University have shown recent rises in the number of cases on campus. MIT reported 65 positive tests in the first 13 days of November after reporting 46…

  • artificial intelligence Nov 6, 2020

    MIT Artificial Intelligence Could Detect COVID-19 Cough

    Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology believe they’ve found a way to determine if people have coronavirus based on the sound of their cough through artificial intelligence. The human ear is incapable of picking up on the acoustic variations of a coronavirus cough, but AI can, the researchers say. The technology could be a could indicator of whether...

  • coronavirus Nov 6, 2020

    MIT AI Model Can Detect COVID-19 From a Cough

    Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have developed artificial intelligence that can identify cases of COVID-19 based on audio recordings of coughs. The AI model it was able to identify 98.5% of coughs from people who had confirmed cases of the virus, including 100% of the coughs from those reportedly did not have symptoms but still tested positive.

  • higher education Sep 19, 2020

    These Massachusetts Colleges Are Among the Best in the Country, New Ranking Finds

    Harvard University was on the top of the list for the fourth consecutive year Universities in Massachusetts topped the charts in this year’s Wall Street Journal/Times Higher Education’s list of best colleges in America. Harvard University was on the top of the list for the fourth consecutive year, followed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Both institutions were also...

  • MIT Jul 7, 2020

    Rising Seniors Will Be Only MIT Undergrad Class Invited to Campus for Fall Semester

    The only undergraduate students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology who will be invited back to campus this fall are seniors, according to the university’s plan for the coronavirus pandemic and the upcoming semester. Other students can apply for “special consideration housing” on a case-by-case basis, including for visa issues, according to the MIT plan posted to an FAQ...

  • coronavirus study Jul 2, 2020

    Global Coronavirus Case, Death Counts Could Be Much Higher, MIT Study Finds

    The number of both cases and deaths of the new coronavirus may actually be much higher than what’s been reported by authorities so far, according to new a study out of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Researchers at MIT’s Sloan School of Management used a epidemiologist model for infectious diseases to estimate the spread of the coronavirus in 84...

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology May 30, 2020

    War Hero McRaven Tells MIT Grads They're the ‘Real Heroes'

    William McRaven, the retired U.S. Navy admiral who directed the raid that killed Osama bin Laden, told members of MIT’s graduating class Friday that they are the “real heroes” who will save the world from pandemics, war, climate change, poverty and racism. McRaven, who delivered his address online to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, said he grew up idolizing...

  • Steven Truong May 5, 2020

    MIT Senior Steven Truong Reflects While Completing Spring Semester

    Steven Truong is a senior at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology studying biological engineering and creative writing. Since moving to remote learning he says one challenge he has had is helping his mother with unemployment paperwork.

  • coronavirus Apr 21, 2020

    New App Aims to Improve Coronavirus Tracking

    Researchers at Harvard and MIT developed an app to provide up-to-date information about people who are experiencing symptoms of the coronavirus.

  • coronavirus Mar 15, 2020

    College Students Move Out Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

    Many college students in the Boston area are packing up their dorms as they are forced to leave campus mid-semester as their colleges and universities try to slow the spread of the new coronavirus. Dozens of colleges and universities across New England are closing their campuses and switching to online learning.  Students at Harvard University learned earlier this week...

  • coronavirus Mar 15, 2020

    College Students Forced to Move Out

    College students are moving off campus amid coronavirus concerns before their move out deadline. 

  • Elections Feb 13, 2020

    MIT: Hackers Could Alter Ballots in Widely Used Voting App

    A study from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has found serious security concerns in a voting app used in elections in West Virginia, Denver, Oregon and Utah

  • MIT Jan 17, 2020

    MIT Professor Denies Misleading School Over Epstein Funding

    A Massachusetts Institute of Technology professor is denying accusations that he misled the school about two $50,000 gifts he facilitated from Jeffrey Epstein in 2012, arguing that institute officials had “full knowledge” Epstein was the donor. In an online statement published Thursday, Professor Seth Lloyd called the accusations “completely false” and said he followed the school’s policies “to the letter”…

  • MIT Jan 11, 2020

    Epstein Gave $850,000 to MIT, Visited 9 Times, Probe Finds

    Disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein donated more than $700,000 to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and visited campus at least nine times after being convicted of sex crimes in 2008, according to new findings from a law firm hired to investigate Epstein’s ties with the elite school. The report finds that some senior leaders at MIT approved Epstein’s donations but demanded…

  • MIT Jan 10, 2020

    MIT Warns Foreign Students of Possible Visits From ICE

    The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is warning international students that federal immigration officials may visit their worksites to verify that their employment is directly related to their studies. School officials sent a memo to faculty on Thursday saying the Department of Homeland Security has been making site visits to employers of foreign students in science, technology, engineering and math fields….

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology Dec 14, 2019

    Uniquely Boston: MIT Robots

    You may have seen the video of MIT robots that can play soccer and perform all kinds of tricks, but did you know the Mini Cheetahs have an important purpose? It’s a 20-pound, four-legged metal robot that is designed for next level mobility. “We have cars, airplanes, and ships, submarines. We have a lot of technology that can help...

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