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Already? Snow Could Be in the Cards This Week as Temperatures Fall

There is no 60-plus degree day expected in the next 10-14 days

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Every season has one. They are pivotal “next steps” toward the subsequent season, and they have lasting impressions on the feel of the day-to-day weather.

I’m talking about transitions (no, not the prescription glasses). We essentially turned a major corner this past weekend when we stiff-armed the 70 degree temps for 50s on Sunday. Over the past few weeks, we’d simply wait it out for the next warmup, and our next chance at 60+ degree air. Well, with the cloudier, cooler pattern unfolding, there is no 60-plus degree day in the next 10-14 days. There are no “unseasonably warm temperatures” and the pattern certainly doesn’t support a whole lot of sun. This is key to our progression to winter, and the longer nights to come.

It’s not all gloom, however. We’re still seeing some sunshine at times; we’re still solidly in the 50s on select days. But the overall theme has a different tone this week, signaling the turn toward…winter. I’m not crying, you’re crying.

For the present, it’s gloomy Monday with a few sprinkles and a cool day in the 50s. Tomorrow’s a bit brighter as we gear up for the big event this week – the remnants of Zeta - the budding hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico - on Thursday and Friday.

You’re not wrong to expect that this would be a humid, warm rain from the remnants of a tropical system. That is indeed the case – just not here in New England. Instead, we’ll be on the cold side of this storm and it could mean we see a switch to snow in the Worcester Hills and PARTS of the Merrimack Valley and southern New Hampshire Thursday night. There’s lots to play out, and plenty of details to be determined in later forecasts. I’m not even speculating on snowfall amounts this far out, but it’s pretty telling what type of pattern is unfolding in the near term.

We promised Halloween would be dry and we’re still holding to that. In the wake of the storm, it will be mighty cold, however. Temps likely in the 30s by evening under a full moon. How spooktacular will that be?

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