Approaching Winter Storm Could Make for Messy Thursday Morning Commute

Some parts of northern New England could see a foot of snow

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Tuesday clouds don’t entirely ruin the high New Englanders are still riding from highs into the 50s and 60s Monday – in fact, thin spots and holes in the clouds allow for splashes of sun to bump temperatures into the 50s again for southern and central New England.

In northern New England, a northerly wind has begun, very slowly draining cold air across the Canada border and starting a slow but steady flow of colder air that will be a key ingredient in making significant mountain snow Wednesday night through Thursday. 

For now, enough mild air lingers in New England for any stray raindrops to be just that – raindrops. That said, raindrops will be few and far between Tuesday, at least until sprinkles and light showers return to the South Coast Tuesday middle to late afternoon, after early morning showers had departed Cape Cod. 

The sprinkles and light showers will slowly expand north through southern New England Tuesday night and into Vermont and New Hampshire as scattered snow showers overnight Tuesday night, dropping a scattered coating of snow for these northern communities by dawn Wednesday. 

Sprinkles, drizzle and northern flurries will keep Wednesday a dank day with a raw feeling, then the more organized area of precipitation treks northeast into New England Wednesday night into Thursday. 

In southern New England, we’ve hoisted a First Alert for early Thursday morning because we expect overnight rain to linger until 7 or 8 a.m. Thursday, slowing the morning commute before departing for emerging sunshine. 

New England is no stranger to piles of snow being dumped onto the region each winter. Take a look at some of the worst storms to hit in modern history.

In the northern half of New England, snow will fall steadily Wednesday night into Thursday, gradually decreasing in intensity Thursday but dropping six to nine inches for many, and over a foot of snow in the White Mountains.

This bounty of additional snow for skiers and snowmobilers will be followed by chilly and dry air Friday through Monday, making for another exceptional weekend for winter sports. 

The difference this weekend from last will be the absence of late weekend warming – Sunday will be just as cool as Saturday, with more moderate temperatures not returning until next week, when another run at 60 degrees shows up in our exclusive First Alert 10-day forecast.

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