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Dry Air Has Arrived in New England, Saturday Storm Projected to Miss Region to South

Some Cape Cod flurries are possible by Saturday afternoon. 

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Dry air has arrived for an extended stay in New England and while this will mean quiet weather, it doesn’t necessarily mean no impact. Dry air can dry the body, so it’s a good idea to not only stay hydrated, but also to keep the lip balm and moisturizer handy all the way into the start of next week, as this air is known for quiet dehydration. 

Of course, sunglasses are another accessory of the days ahead, though one exception comes Saturday on Cape Cod and some of the South Shore; a storm misses us to the south, while it helps to pull the wind from the north. 

A north wind of cold air blowing across relatively warm ocean waters will mean a deck of ocean-effect clouds developing from somewhere around Duxbury, Massachusetts, points southeast onto the Cape and Islands, with some Cape Cod flurries possible by Saturday afternoon. 

For the remainder of New England, sunshine Friday (except for afternoon and evening clouds in Northern Maine) and a clear night Friday night is expected to give way to another fair sky Saturday…though cool air continues for all of us. 

By Sunday, the wind shifts to blow more from the northwest and clouds exit Cape Cod, leaving sunshine regionwide in New England. 

Next week starts dry and continues bright and while our First Alert Team continues to watch a storm center that will be pushing off the Southeast U.S. coast and over the Western Atlantic waters south of New England, right now we’re aware the storm may grow large enough to brush Southern New England on its northern flank, but also realistic about how many days away this storm is and aware it may take a southern suppressed track and miss New England, like the storm this coming Saturday is doing. 

Regardless, the entire 10-day forecast shows cool air – highs on most days near or below 40 degrees with a few exceptions – but still milder-than-normal for this time of the year and certainly no signs of arctic air spilling south. 

By Friday of next week, New England’s chance of snow and rain – or at least snow and rain showers – rises again with a storm center forecast to pass near or directly through New England.

Having the storm so close opens the door to possibilities on temperatures – 50s south of the storm and 30s north of it – and we have plenty of time to size it up in the days ahead. 

Regardless, the early call on next weekend is fair but cool if not chilly, as a chunk of colder polar air – likely not arctic – spills into the region.

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