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Saturday Night Brings Cool-Down After Another Day of Sweltering Heat

Saturday is not expected to be a washout — but what storms do develop could produce some heavy rain and gusty winds

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It’s here at last. The final sweltering day in this extended heat wave.

If you despise the heat, you’ll be glad to know that relief is just about a three-hour ride to the west, sitting behind a cool front in easternmost New York. While a front (ever so) slowly moves east Saturday, it doesn’t spell a washout for us.

There’s a lot to making a soaking wet day… much of which is lacking in Saturday's forecast. Sure, it’s hot and humid, and every thunderstorm on the planet would love to stick a straw in our airmass and grow into a supercell. But there’s a big misalignment between the lift in the atmosphere (to initiate cloud development) and the soupy air at ground level.

The shorter, more direct version of this is that we’re not expecting many storms. (I should have just come out and said that, but I’m trying to write a blog here.) What storms do develop could produce some heavy rain and gusty winds, but they will be passing through, not sitting overhead and drowning us in water for hours.

The inevitable cool-down arrives Saturday evening. There’ll be a rush of dry air coming in through the night, so if you leave your windows open, the muggy, stale air will get flushed out with the incoming northwest breeze.

Sunday is a super day all around. Still worthy of the beach, but cool enough into the evening to spark a backyard fire.

Comfy, dry air means a couple of refreshing mornings are in store for Monday and Tuesday. We’ll start each day with lows in the 50s, but still recover to the low 80s. So yes, summer lovers, we’re far from the end of the season here.

We’ll watch two tropical systems coming out of the Caribbean and Bahamas next week. Remnants are likely to drift in our direction by Thursday and Friday, bringing with them downpours and sticky air.

Have a great weekend!  

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