'Unprecedented Flood Season' Ahead: How Will It Impact New England? - NBC10 Boston

'Unprecedented Flood Season' Ahead: How Will It Impact New England?

NOAA experts said an "unprecedented flood season" may be in store for the U.S., which means New England may be affected as well

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    The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration issued a dire flood outlook on Thursday, saying an "unprecedented flood season" may be ahead for the United States.

    This comes just days after historic flooding swallowed up parts of Nebraska and Iowa.

    NOAA expects major flooding to continue this spring across this same area, in the Northern Plains and midwest.

    Here in New England, moderate flooding is expected in parts of the Northeast Kingdom in Vermont, Northern New Hampshire, and Northern Maine. NOAA says the risk of flooding in this area is highest along the St. John and Penobscot Rivers. This is where a snowpack on the order of several feet, is now starting to melt.

    Minor flooding, at worst, is expected for the rest of New England.

    The Agency expects spring temperatures to be above average across the northeast, including all of New England.

    Right now NOAA does not see a notable risk of drought developing across New England.

    NOAA also noted a weak El Nino has developed in the Pacific, indicated by an uptick in sea surface temperatures near the Equator there. This is expected to continue into the summer.

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