City Officials Call On Lawmakers to Protect School Funding Increase

A group of city officials suggest increasing the capital gains and corporate tax rate to keep increased state funding for schools amid the pandemic's economic hit

NBC Universal, Inc.

Officials from more than two dozen cities plan on sending a letter later today pushing state lawmakers to keep increased funding measures in place for schools despite the toll the coronavirus pandemic has taken on the economy.

According to the Boston Globe, city officials plan on sending a letter to state lawmakers Tuesday arguing that a loss in school funding could have a catastrophic impact on the state’s most vulnerable students.

The group gave suggestions for funding solutions in their letter, including increasing taxes on capital gains and returning the corporate tax rate to 9.5%.

Last year, state lawmakers passed a law that would increase funding by $1.5 billion over several years, which would help serve high numbers of low-income students. The legislation also allows them to put that money on hold in the event of a fiscal crisis.

This comes as schools wait for state education officials could release its guidance for reopening schools in the fall as early as Tuesday.

Some of that guidance was released earlier this month, including keeping desks six feet apart and reducing class sizes.

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