Escaped Emu Caught on Camera Running Through Brockton

A pet emu got loose Thursday night in Brockton, Massachusetts

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An emu is safe at home after escaping and running through the streets of Brockton, Massachusetts.

The pet got loose around 9:35 p.m. Thursday and quickly became the talk of the town.

The large, flightless bird, native to Australia, can be seen casually walking down the street before picking up speed in recorded videos.

“I went outside, I saw it. It was big. It was huge. Everybody’s talking about it. Everybody. Everyone in Brockton. Everyone’s stopped their cars to try to record it, to see it,” one man said. “I was kind of scared at first because it was walking like slow and then it jumped with his head like this and then he started speeding like 10-15 mph running. It was huge. It was huge. It was huge.”

Emus, the second largest living bird, can reach speeds of 31 miles per hour.

Within an hour of its escape, the bird was captured by animal control officers. Locals are thankful the three-toed bird is home with its owner.

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