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Father and Son Claim Hospital Error May Have Exposed Them to HIV

A Navy veteran is struggling to figure out how he was exposed to HIV during a recent visit to a Nashua, New Hampshire hospital.

Eugene Devoyd still can't believe it.

"I will tell you what I think, deep down, but I don't want anybody copying, I think the people that are working at the hospital up there are a bunch of idiots," Devoyd said.

Devoyd says his trouble started when he visited Southern New Hampshire Medical Center for complications after he fell outside his house.

Devoyd is a diabetic, and during his treatment he was given insulin using an insulin pen. He says the hospital later told him the pen had previously been used on a patient with HIV, potentially exposing him to the virus.

 "I feel like they should have definitely told me what was going on," he said.

To make matters worse for the family, Devoyd says his son was checking his insulin levels when he accidentally pricked himself, potentially exposing himself to HIV, too.

"I feel more sorry for my dad," Chris Devoyd said.

The hospital declined to discuss the incident, citing privacy laws.

"Due to federal and state confidentiality laws and our utmost commitment to patient confidentiality, we cannot discuss individual treatment at our facility," Tate Curti, COO of Southern New Hampshire Medical Center, said Thursday.

"If a potential issue arises, it would receive prompt attention, as well as a quality review, to determine all factors and to identify opportunities for improvement and corrective actions, as warranted," Curti added.

Both Eugene and Chris are taking anti-virus medicine, and have passed one screening for HIV. They still have two more tests.

"Very very stressful," Chris Devoyd said. "I can not let it stop from continuing how this can happen in this day and age."

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