Favorable Conditions for Holiday Week Before Threat of Weekend Storms

With the thunderstorms of this past weekend in the rearview mirror, a new, drier air has swept across New England and promises a few thunderstorm-free, mild and comfortable days for the region.

The stretch of great weather began Monday, delivering sunshine right out of the gate. This pleasant atmosphere will continue through the day, mixing only with fair weather clouds at times, particularly in the mountains of Northern New England. There, a few clouds may grow tall enough for an isolated shower, but the vast majority stay dry with highs in the 80s.

The coast will stay just shy of 80 at the day’s warmest time, owing to a developing sea breeze during the afternoon. A passing disturbance Monday night brings a period of clouds from northwest to southeast that may make for a lovely Tuesday sunrise in southeast New England.

It will remain transient for another great day Tuesday, this time with a west wind all the way to the beaches for widespread 80s and yet again a chance of an isolated afternoon shower in the mountains.

Humidity builds Wednesday, meaning more clouds are likely, as well. While an isolated shower can’t be ruled out, it’s also not likely.

The Fourth of July has looked like a classic New England summer day since it first appeared on the 10-day and continues to look great: 80s, humid, and only a very slight chance of a late day thunderstorm.

The chance of storms rises as humidity builds and upper-level disturbances approach Friday, Saturday and even Sunday after the passage of a cold front but coincident with one last disturbance. Some fine air looks to return early next week in the exclusive, First Alert 10-Day Forecast.

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