New Advisory on PFAS Found in Mass. Freshwater Fish

The advisories are put out by the Massachusetts Bureau of Environmental Heath

fishing pole
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New fish consumption advisories have been issued for bodies of water in Massachusetts, and high levels of PFAS chemicals were found in fish at 13 state parks, according to The Boston Herald.

The complete list of advisories, which may be found here, includes information about toxins like PFAS, mercury and DDTs.

Elevated levels of PFAS were found in fish sampled at these locations, according to the Herald:

  • Ashland Reservoir in Ashland
  • Chicopee Reservoir in Chicopee
  • Lake Cochituate in Natick
  • Dennison Lake in Winchendon
  • Dunn Pond in Gardner
  • Fearing Pond in Plymouth
  • Houghtons Pond in Milton
  • Pearce Lake in Saugus
  • Pequot Pond in Westfield
  • Lake Quinsigamond in Worcester
  • Walden Pond in Concord
  • Wallum Lake in Douglas
  • Watsons Pond in Taunton

The advisories include recommendations for eating fish from each location tested, which range from advised consumption limits, all the way to guidance saying not to eat the body of water's fish entirely.

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