Coyote Becomes Trapped Under Porch Railing in Weston, Eventually Freed

Environmental Police were called in after the coyote tried to bite responding Weston police officers

A coyote needed help freeing itself after becoming stuck in the railing of a Massachusetts porch.

Photos showed the wild animal stuck under the railing outside a home in Weston.

Elizabeth Freeman says the coyote found himself in a tight spot Thursday after getting spooked by the family dog who was just let outside.

The Freeman family says they called police when the coyote became stuck.

“It was an interesting position for this wild animal that we’ve never seen,” Janie Freeman said.

Weston police responded first.

“The coyote tried to bite the police officer. So then they called Environmental Police,” said Bella Freeman.

The family says the Environmental Police came and wedged a little piece of wood in the railing, managing to free the coyote.

The family says the animal didn’t appear to be in pain and no injuries were observed.

The coyote ran off, and the Freeman family says they thought that would be the last they saw of him. But then about an hour later, the animal came back to the front door.

The coyote hasn’t been seen since, but in the meantime the family is keeping an eye on their dog.

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