Warmth Lingers Another Day

The rain and humidity associated with yesterday’s remnant of former Hurricane Nate have departed New England, but the warmth lingers for one more day. Sunshine couples with a northwest breeze to bump temperatures up to 75-80 degrees this afternoon in another day of summer-like splendor.

The chorus is growing across New England for air more akin to autumn in the six-state region, and a shifting breeze overnight will bring a more typical feeling of fall by dawn. After a clear night of lows in the 50s, the combination of an onshore, northeast wind and cool air settling south from Canada will hold Wednesday high temperatures in the 60s. By Thursday, many communities including Boston will struggle just to reach 60 degrees, even with sunshine!

As for any chance of showers — some will make a move on New England from Pennsylvania and New York Wednesday evening and night, and may even deposit a few drops on Connecticut or Southwestern Massachusetts, but mostly will meet their demise as they encounter our strengthening dry, fall airmass.

Although gone from New England, warmth won’t be far away, and a wind shift from the southwest will bring that warmth back to us Saturday and depending on the timing of an approaching cold front, quite possibly Sunday too with enough warm air to reach 75-80 degrees again.

By the end of the weekend, a new surge of fall chill will be arriving, and our temperature see-saw so classic of autumn will drop lower for the end of the exclusive Early Warning Weather 10-day.

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