Afternoon Showers Possible Wednesday

While afternoon sprinkles will pass overhead for some, they aren't anything to cancel plans over

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A stellar stretch of weather is ahead, with a few minor caveats. Temps will slide a bit, and with plenty of cool air swirling above us, a few clouds could build into brief showers in the afternoon today.

That pool of cool air should be enough to give us a two-day respite from the heat and humidity across all of New England. While those afternoon sprinkles will probably get your attention if they pass overhead, they certainly aren't anything to cancel plans over.

Sea breezes kick in at the coast for the afternoon Thursday and as a result, temps there will dip into the 70s for highs. Yet again, we'll see highs near 80 elsewhere. That's not the biggest story of the day, however. Our cool start in the 40s and 50s in the suburbs is just one more reminder that the final days of summer are upon us, and the seasons will be changing soon.

Two tropical systems are on the verge of becoming named storms. Right now, they're no threat to land, but that will change into next week. Peak of the hurricane season is only a couple weeks away, and it still promises to be a doozy.

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