High Humidity, Light Showers Ahead of Mid-Week Rain

Our first round of rain is due Tuesday night, with a second expected Wednesday night and a potential for flash flooding

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Well it’s about time. The long-awaited pattern change has arrived.

This pattern puts us squarely in a pipeline of rain that will emanate from the deep south and the Gulf of Mexico. It's a connection we’ve been longing to make since May and it may prove to put a serious dent in the drought.

A couple of concerns about this setup; first, the rain may come down heavily and second, runoff and downpours could cause flooding. Too much of a good thing? Absolutely.

We’ve seen it before - flash flood warnings during a drought. It’s to be expected in a climate running haywire as a result of climate change.

But we’ll take the good with the bad and hope that at least some of the water makes it into the ground. (It’s worth noting that for every inch of rain that falls, 1/3 is lost to runoff.)

Our first round of rain isn’t due until Tuesday night, with another expected Wednesday night. In the meantime, it’s lightweight showers and mist…along with very soupy air.

Later in the week, when things begin to settle down, the cooler air will slip in and snuff out the unseasonably warm air – along with the humidity. A close brush with another storm is possible by late Friday.

Can’t wait for the smell of freshly fallen rain.  

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