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FIRST ALERT: Will Our Heat Wave Continue Saturday? Storms Could Factor in

Saturday will be hot, muggy and stormy -- Boston extended its heat emergency -- while Sunday features cool temperatures, low dew points and sunny skies

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It's been another hot day in New England as we head into the weekend with hopes a the cold front to come in soon and make this weather a little better.

But before that cold front brings in cool and dry air, it will push in storms and bring the potential for some severe activity that can’t be ruled out. This cold front will be sinking cooler air, and when it meets the warm and humid air already in place, it will fire up the chance for some strong storms.

Timing it, we’ll see some showers Friday night marching over the northern states. As we head into Saturday afternoon, the opportunities for storms increase, and they could stretch head all the way to the south and southeast.

Some storms will have the potential to produce torrential rainfall, strong wind gusts and the chance for some hail.

In other words, we’ll have a divided weekend: Saturday will be hot, muggy and stormy while Sunday features cool temperatures, low dew points and sunny skies. Which one would you pick?

Either way, you'd probably want to choose to hold off on any outdoor activities until Sunday. 

Saturday's highs are expected to be just shy of 90 degrees -- which would technically mean an end to the heat wave, which reached its third day Friday. But Boston's heat emergency was extended into Saturday, which will keep cooling centers open in the city. (Details here.)

"As the City continues to experience these hot temperatures, we want to ensure that residents have access to the resources and information necessary to stay safe and cool through the forecasted heat," Janey said in a statement.

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After that, we’ll enjoy several days of quiet weather as the rain chances remain low until Wednesday. After that, tropical humidity heads over New England to provide rain chances again as we head into the second half of next week. Your First Alert Weather Team will keep you updated. 

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