Smoky Skies Reduce Highs Wednesday

The net effect of the smoke from wildfires in the west will be to knock the high temps a bit off their perch

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Cool air is getting booted just as quickly as it set in. While we do start with some temps in the 40s this morning, we’re rocketing back to the mid-70s with sunshine and….smoke.

The worst of it seems to be behind us, but this plume from the fires in the West is difficult to gauge as it rides the winds over 20k feet in the atmosphere. It will still dim the sun and give us some stare-at-the-sun sunrises and sunsets today, but with the cold front approaching tomorrow, the smoke is likely to thin.

The net effect of this smoke will be to knock the high temps a bit off their perch. Potential is for 77 today. With the smoke scattering some of the incoming solar radiation, we’ll likely settle for 75. Tomorrow the potential is for 80, but we’ll likely square up near 78. See the trend?

The other trend is the dry kind. Still no significant, soaking rain in sight. Foliage is beginning to turn brown, the water table is sinking and fire danger will rise this weekend. We’re at a critical turning point. Keep your fingers crossed.

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