Strong Wind, Torrential Rain Potential Saturday Before Summery Father's Day

Strong winds, torrential rain (albeit brief) and possibly small hail will be the primary threats during Saturday storms, but Father’s Day is looking thunder-free

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Hard to top the last two days weather-wise. We’ll try today, but with some clouds moving in during the afternoon, we’re certainly not as blue.

Humidity is still in check throughout the day, however. Dew points will wait to climb into the sticky range until this weekend. They may feed storms tomorrow, but the coverage doesn’t seem to be all that impressive.

A strong wind blowing in the jet stream will aid in storm development from early afternoon through the late evening. Guidance has been VERY fickle on timing and placement of the storms (depending on which model you view), so that may be a game-time decision.

IF you get tagged by a storm, they could be nasty. Strong winds, torrential rain (albeit brief) and possibly small hail will be the primary threats. Since we’re not talking carpet-bombing storms, it’s not worth cancelling plans. Just keep an eye to the sky in the afternoon/evening and be ready to take cover if they bear down.

Father’s Day is looking thunder-free in contrast. We’re still in the heat and humidity, but there aren’t any weather features to fire off the storms. Looks like a great day to take dad to the beach.

A newly-formed tropical system is growing in the Gulf of Mexico. The jet stream is “just so” to draw the remnants up along the Eastern Seaboard next week. This is a tiny system, so it’s been a hassle to track in the long range forecasts.

While there is a chance it gets close (as a swirling mass of thunder/rain), we’re not forecasting direct effects right now. Best we could hope for at this point is that it juices up a front that will be passing on Tuesday.

Have a great weekend and stay cool!

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