At Least 10 Cars Broken Into Overnight in Cambridge

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Shattered glass is what about a dozen residents of Cambridge, Massachusetts, woke up to find Wednesday morning.

Windows were smashed out in more than 10 cars overnight. Vandals rummaged through the vehicles' interiors.

"It feels very vulnerable and violating," said Rachel Ross. "But in all honesty, of all the terrible things to happen, it's probably the easiest one to fix."

Ross' Subaru was one of the cars that was hit.

"I don't keep anything in my car, except I have a roll of quarters," said Ross. "I'm hopeful they can make good use of that."

Cambridge Police say it's the second similar incident in a month.
This time, cars were targeted in the Port, a neighborhood between Broadway and Massachusetts Avenue.

"I was just disappointed," said Joe Freeman, whose Mazda was vandalized. "Fortunately, I was quickly able to tell there was nothing valuable was taken. I try not to keep valuables in my car. More an annoyance than anything, but just a long way to spend my Wednesday."

Cars were hit on several streets, including Suffolk, Norfolk, Harvard, Washington and Pine, as well as Fiske Place.

"People are struggling," said Freeman. "I just hope whatever happened, they're able to get in a better place."

So far, no arrests have been made.

Police are looking for any surveillance video that may have captured the crimes taking place.

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