Civil Rights Leader Rev. Jesse Jackson Visits Boston

Jackson's decision to inject politics into the sermon drew mixed reactions from churchgoers

Civil rights leader Reverend Jesse Jackson is in Boston speaking at various events throughout the city discussing current events and politics in America.

Jackson made the trip to Boston to speak at an event hosted by Boston College in honor of world renowned theologian Reverend Raymond Helmick who died last year. Sunday, Jackson delivered the sermon at the Grace of All Nations Church in Dorchester. Topics ranging from immigration to Russian hacking into the presidential election were mentioned in Jackson’s message.

“We just went through a decisive and ugly campaign,” Jackson said. “We the people must hold those accountable in position of power and have to accept their responsibilities and protect all Americans.”

Some churchgoers were unhappy with Jackson’s decision to inject politics into the message

Joseph Alford who attended the service commented, “I’m not into politics. I don’t think politics and church should be mixed, other than that he’s a good man.”

Others were encouraged by Jackson’s speech.

“It was an amazing message. A message of hope and inspiration,” said Boston City Councilor and mayoral candidate Tito Jackson.

Boston resident Kenny Fonfield added, “It’s something we all need to hear, a good message.”

Jackson also met privately with local elected officials about the issues plaguing Boston such as voter turnout and ensuring all equal rights among all Bostonians.

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