Cool, Damp Morning With Showers and Drizzle

Severe weather continues in the southern part of the United States. It was another night of violent storms from Texas through Oklahoma.

The remnant of these thunderstorms will weaken to waves of low pressure that ripple over New England with rain or showers every other day or so.

Abnormally cold air in southeastern Canada remains in place as abnormally warm air is over the mid-Atlantic states or south. That puts a frontal boundary, for the most part stalled, right here. Fortunately for us, we're on the cooler side of the front so the violent thunderstorms will likely not have an impact.

Although, there could be a thunderstorm in Connecticut late Thursday.

This morning, we are cool and damp with showers and drizzle, along with a mix of rain and snow in Maine. The day is drier a bit, but remains mostly cloudy with a few showers. Fog and drizzle is possible across central and southern New England.

High temperature in the 40s under thicker clouds in central New England but warmer to the north and the south. Parts of Connecticut may get close to 70 degrees.

Thursday night is mostly cloudy with some fog and drizzle, a few showers possible. The temperature in the 40s south, 30s north.

Clouds thicken again Friday with a chance of rain in the afternoon, especially central and northern New England. It should be a little bit warmer in southern New England with a high in the lower 60s, but in the 50s and 40s north. A steady rain is likely for most of us tomorrow night, it should end early on Saturday.

If we can get the sun to come out on Saturday, parts of southern New England could jump to the 70s, but it looks like a mostly cloudy day with most of us in the 60s. Low pressure returns late. Rain should wait till late in the day, so Saturday is most likely pick of the weekend.

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Stronger low pressure will pass south of New England Saturday night and Sunday morning. We may end up with a period of heavy rain across southern New England late at night and Sunday morning. That’ll keep temperatures in the 40s.

Further north, it is brighter with some sunshine. In Northern Maine, it should get into the 50s. Monday looks like a dry day before another front comes in Tuesday, then we likely resume our cool and damp weather for most of the rest of the week.

Stay tuned to our First Alert 10-day forecast for further details.

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