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Mass. DCR Beaches Re-Open as Part of Phase 2

The DCR also says you should not participate in beach games that require contact

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The Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation has started beach services again at beaches across the state as part of Phase 2 of the states reopening plan.

At Carson Beach in South Boston late Sunday afternoon, beachgoers sunbathed apart from one another and a few people were in the water. It wasn’t overly crowded due to some clouds up ahead. 

“We chose Carson Beach over M Street Beach because we knew it would be less crowded, but as you can see there’s not many people around here and we’re happy to be here,” said one beachgoer. 

“For the most part I found everyone socially distancing but I kind of make sure to be six feet,” said another. 

The Mass. DCR is also issuing guidelines for beachgoers. When you go to the beach you’re supposed to socially distance by 6 feet or more, and have a 12-foot minimum between beach towels.

The DCR also says you should not participate in beach games that require contact. They say to wear a mask if you can’t stay away from other people, and try to stay in groups of 10 or less.

Mike Wall says Saturday Carson Beach was filled, but that it was quieter Sunday late afternoon with incoming storm clouds. 

“There were a lot more people out here, I just think with the weather and everything it was a bit more dead today,” said Wall. 

The DCR has also opened up parking lots, spray decks and playgrounds.

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