Moe the Goat Has an Unusual Health Problem

There's an unusual case at the MSPCA in Methuen, Massachusetts — an animal with a condition that staff has never seen before.

Moe the goat has a condition most people would think is quite common. It's allergies. But, as it turns out, Moe is allergic to almost everything in his life.

"Dust mites and also certain pollen," explained MSPCA barn manager Gia Barss. "That's everywhere and he certainly can't live in a bubble."

His condition is so severe, Barss says she has never seen anything like it.

"This is, for sure, something we may never see again here," she said.

Moe's owner surrendered him back in April when the medical bills became too expensive.

He was so itchy all over his body, he was chewing his own skin raw.

"He literally was just red and bloody," Barss said.

But now, Moe is on the road to recovery, complete with lots of treats and plenty of back scratches.

Steroids are helping now until he starts allergy shots next week.

The cone will have to stay on for months, but it doesn't seem like Moe is letting anything get in his way.

"We're really trying to do everything we can so that he can be more comfortable," Barss said.

There is already a woman lined up ready to adopt Moe, but it will still be months before his allergies are in check and he's ready to go home.

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