DA: NYC Freezer Attack Suspect Was Out on Bail for Boston Double Murder

Carlton Henderson was the suspect in a NYC restaurant freezer attack and was out on bail in connection to a 1988 double homicide in Boston

What to Know

  • Carlton Henderson, 54, of Cave Creek, Arizona, died from an apparent medical episode after being disarmed by NYC restaurant employees.
  • Workers say Henderson attacked them with a knife after hiding in a freezer.
  • Henderson was out on bail in connection with a 1988 double homicide in Boston, according to the Suffolk district attorney's office.

An Arizona man who jumped out of a freezer and then died in New York City had been charged and released on bail last year in connection with a 1988 double homicide in Boston, according to the Suffolk County district attorney's office.

A judge granted a motion for bail last week for Carlton Henderson, who was arrested in St. Louis, Missouri, and charged with two counts of first-degree murder in 2017, a district attorney spokesperson said.

Henderson, 54, of Cave Creek, was accused of gunning down 26-year-old William Medina and 22-year-old Antonio Dos Reis on May 4, 1988, as the duo sat in a vehicle in the city's Roxbury neighborhood.


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Police in New York City say a man, later identified as Henderson, attacked workers at Sarabeth's Restaurant in the Upper West Side with a knife after he was found hiding in a freezer on Sunday.

Henderson died during a medical episode shortly after employees disarmed him. Police say he shouted, "Away from me, Satan!" as he rushed out of the freezer, according to the Associated Press.

Officials say his exact cause of death will be determined by a medical examiner.

It's unclear what Henderson's connection was to the restaurant, why he was in the freezer or for how long.

Henderson was represented by attorney John Amabile in connection with the Boston double homicide.

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