Class During COVID: Your Questions Answered

NBC10 Boston's weekly webinar series seeks to answer questions around the reopening of schools this fall

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Throughout the coronavirus crisis, NBC10 Boston has offered a weekly small business webinar series to answer questions from small business owners and employees affected by the pandemic.

Now, as elementary schools, high schools and colleges across the region are preparing to reopen this fall, we're pivoting our weekly webinar series toward education, hoping to answer some the questions that parents, teachers and students are all grappling with right now.

"Class During COVID,: Your Questions Answered," hosted by Brian Shactman, will be live on NBC10 Boston's Facebook page on Tuesdays at 2 p.m. You'll also be able to find past editions of the school series and our small business webinars "on demand" right here on our website.

You can submit your questions live on Facebook or by emailing us ahead of time at with "Class During COVID" in the subject line.

Oct. 27: Worcester Polytechnic Institute President Laurie Leshin.

At Worcester Polytechnic Institute, they’ve given 70,000 Covid tests and had only 20 come back positive. What’s working so well at WPI? What are the challenges ? The costs? And by the way, 1,000 kids have already applied for next year! A great conversation with WPI President Laurie Leshin.

Oct. 20: Jon Carson, CEO and founder of the College Guidance Network

So how can students navigate this whole process when there is so much uncertainty due to COVID-19? You’ll get some great ideas and perspective in this conversation with Jon Carson, Founder and CEO of the College Guidance Network.

Oct. 13: Shrewsbury School Superintendent Joseph Sawyer

How are school and public health officials responding? How is their learning plan evolving? And what are the biggest challenges with remote learning? Supt. Dr. Joe Sawyer talks with NBC 10 Boston’s Brian Shactman as part of our ongoing series, Class During COVID: Your Questions Answered.

Oct. 6: Natasha Ushomirsky and Mariel Novas from the Massachusetts Education Equity Partnership

Massachusetts public education may be tops in the nation; but not for everyone. If you want to learn more about why there are such dramatic differences and what’s being done about it, then watch this! It’s a conversation with Dr. Mariel Novas and Natasha Ushomirsky of the Education Trust.

Sept. 15: Jane Swift, former Massachusetts governor and president and executive director of LearnLaunch in Boston

Former Massachusetts Governor and LearnLaunch President and Executive Director Jane Swift. Check out why she was actually glad that happened. And learn more about how educators and parents are being educated in remote learning.

Sept. 8: Russell Johnston, associate commissioner of special education at the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education

Russell Johnston is the Director of Special Education in Massachusetts. In this conversation with NBC 10’s Brian Shactman, we hear how the state is preparing some if its most vulnerable students for the fall.

Sept. 1: Patrick Tutwiler, Lynn superintendent of schools

Patrick Tutwiler, Lynn, MA Supt. Of Schools talks about the challenges of opening this fall in a community with one of the highest COVID-19 rates in the state. They will be all remote to start. And Tutwiler tells NBC 10’s Brian Shactman, they are much more prepared for on line learning than they were back last March-June when this all began.

Aug. 25: Tom Scott, executive director of the Massachusetts Association of School Superintendents

Executive Director of the Massachusetts Association of School Superintendents talks with Brian Shactman about the different options for opening, the process behind it all and the disparities between urban and more wealthy school districts.

Aug. 18: Laurie Leshin, president of Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Laurie Leshin, the President of Worcester Polytechnic Institute talks about reopening at WPI . What will it take to get it right? Leshin calls this the challenge of a career.

Aug. 11: Ned Parsons, head of school at The Rivers School

That’s according to Ned Parsons, the Head of School at The Rivers School in Weston. So just how different will the start of the school year be? A fascinating and thoughtful conversation on how independent schools are gearing up for a very different fall.

Aug. 4: Lasell University President Michael Alexander

How are colleges and universities preparing for the return of students? At Lasell University in Newton, MA, students have three options for the fall semester. One is quite unique as we hear from President Michael Alexander.

July 28: Restaurants and the Struggle to Survive

Nia Grace, Owner of Darryl’s Corner Bar and Kitchen and Founder of The Boston Black Hospitality Coalition, talks about what it’s like to run a restaurant during the Covid crisis. Plus, you’ll hear the story behind the launch of Black Restaurant Month. It starts August first.

July 21: Movie Theaters

Will there be a hollywood ending for the coolidge corner theatre in brookline? Executive Director and CEO Katherine Tallman describes how they are pivoting.

July 14: The Brewery Business

Kevin and Tammy Merritt, the owners and founders of Crue Brew Brewery in Raynham share their story. Plus, hear their insights into what has it been like to be one of just a very few Black owned breweries in Massachusetts.

June 30: How Gyms Are Reopening

Mark Harrington, the president of Healthworks Fitness and Republic Fitness says they’ve changed everything about the club in the name of cleanliness.

June 23: The Impact of COVID-19 on the Wedding Industry

MA Wedding Vendors Coalition founder Nelly Saraiva – a wedding photographer and hee husband Chris—a D.J. share their experiences and answer some of the questions they are getting from brides and grooms as well as their colleagues in the business.

June 16: Tourism & Hospitality

Greater Boston’s tourism and hospitality industry is taking a massive hit because of COVID-19. Martha Sheridan, president and CEO of The Greater Boston Convention and Visitor’s Bureau talks about the impact and shares details about what you can and cannot do at the moment.

June 9: Restaurant Reopening

What can you do to help keep restaurants up and running? Lots to digest in this episode of Small Business and the COVID-19 Crisis, with Massachusetts Restaurant association president and CEO Bob Buz.

June 2: Reopening Cape Cod

Cape Cod: what’s open? What’s not? And what can you expect from a cape escape this week and later this summer?

May 26: Small Business and COVID Crisis Loans

It’s not too late to apply for a small business loan to help save your company. That’s just one key takeaway from our conversation with Quincy Miller. He is Vice Chair and President of Eastern Bank. And he has been on the frontlines of the efforts to help small businesses stay afloat by accessing federal loan program. Check out his conversation with NBC10’s Brian Shactman.

May 19: Reopening Retail in Massachusetts

Why are retailers in Massachusetts facing greater challenges than their counterparts in the other New England states? And how concerned are they about surviving? We have an engaging conversation with Jon Hurst, the President of the Retailers Association of Massachusetts.

May 12: Nonprofits

What’s the best way to be charitable during the Covid-19 crisis? And how is the pandemic impacting nonprofits? Phil Buchanan, President of the Center for Effective Philanthropy and author of “Giving Done Right” has some suggestions that could impact how you think about your donations.

May 5: Restaurants -- The Future of the Industry

Jeff Gates, Partner in the Aquitaine Group and Chairman of the Massachusetts Restaurant Association does not mince words when it comes to the needs, challenges and complications of life in the restaurant industry.

April 28: Stimulus Money 1: How Do I Get It?

NBC 10’s Brian Shactman shares your questions with Chris Carlozzi, Massachusetts Director of the National Federation of Independent Businesses. Viewers share concerns about the new round of Paycheck Protection Program loans, how recipients can use the money.

April 21: Small Business Live

Jade Watts, Executive Director of MediaHub Boston joins NBC 10’s Brian Shactman to answer your questions about how to make the most of social media—without spending any money. You’ll learn about small steps you can take to make a big difference in the effort to keep your company afloat.
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