• George Floyd Jun 4, 2020

    As Nation Confronts Old Demons, Some Recall Crispus Attucks' Killing

    Like George Floyd, he was black, in his mid-40s, and died at the hands of a white man. And like Floyd, he may have helped touch off a revolution. Many in the Black Lives Matter movement are invoking Crispus Attucks — an African American gunned down by a British soldier in the Boston Massacre of 1770 — as a symbol…

  • American Revolution Mar 5, 2020

    Tribute to Mark 250th Anniversary of Boston Massacre

    Boston is marking the 250th anniversary of the massacre that helped spark the Revolutionary War. The Daughters of the American Revolution hosted a public tribute Thursday at the grave of the five victims of the violent conflict with British soldiers on March 5, 1770. The morning service in downtown’s historic Old Granary Burial Ground included a musket salute and a…

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