• vaping Jan 17

    Armed Guards, Secret Location: Inside an Illegal Marijuana Bazaar Publicized on Instagram

    Shopping for illicit vape cartridges on Instagram is astonishingly simple. Open the app, plug in a hashtag such as #vapecartsforsale and — voilà — multiple posts appear with pictures of THC cartridges. In the comments or caption section, sellers advertise their products and post phone numbers for would-be buyers. “Shop here everything is good,” one seller wrote above a phone...

  • vaping Jan 2

    Trump Plan to Curb Teen Vaping Exempts Some Flavors

    U.S. health officials will ban most flavored e-cigarettes popular with underage teenagers, but their plan includes major exceptions that benefit vaping manufacturers, retailers and adults who use the nicotine-emitting devices....


    The Trump administration announced Thursday that it will prohibit fruit, candy, mint and dessert flavors from small, cartridge-based e-cigarettes that are popular with high school students. But menthol and tobacco-flavored e-cigarettes...

  • vaping Jan 1

    Trump Suggests Some Flavored Vapes May Be Pulled From Market

    President Donald Trump said Tuesday that the federal government will soon announce a new strategy to tackle underage vaping, promising, “We’re going to protect our families, we’re going to protect our children, and we’re going to protect the industry.” Trump was vague about what the plan would entail, but suggested “certain flavors” in cartridge-based e-cigarettes would be taken off...

  • Tobacco Dec 28, 2019

    Age Limit Now 21 Across US for Cigarettes, Tobacco Products

    Anyone under 21 can no longer legally buy cigarettes, cigars or any other tobacco products in the United States. The new law enacted last week by Congress also applies to electronic cigarettes and vaping products that heat a liquid containing nicotine. Usually, new legislation doesn’t take effect right away. The change simply increased the age limit in existing law, so…

  • Massachusetts Dec 21, 2019

    Man Says Vaping Product Caused Car Fire in Dudley

    Massachusetts, and the driver believes it was started by a vaping product. The fire broke out at Kwik Stop. “The smoke immediately went up into flames and I heard a pop and it was engulfed in flames within seconds,” said Tracy Jette, who lives across the street. “A lot of flames, so they’re hot,” said another witness, a man...

  • vaping Dec 20, 2019

    ‘Vast Majority’ of Vaping Illnesses Blamed on Vitamin E

    Health officials now blame vitamin E acetate for the “vast majority” of cases in the U.S. outbreak of vaping illnesses and they say doctors should monitor patients more closely after they go home from the hospital. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced the updated advice Friday. And, in a related move Friday, authorities investigating how patients obtained...

  • Instagram Dec 18, 2019

    Facebook, Instagram Ban Influencers From Promoting Vaping and Guns for Money

    Facebook and Instagram will no longer allow influencers to promote vaping, tobacco products or weapons on its platforms using “branded content.”

    Instagram announced Wednesday it would no longer allow “branded content” that promotes those goods on either platform.

  • vaping Dec 18, 2019

    Weed Vaping Soars Among Teenagers, Doubling Since 2018

    The number of teenagers vaping marijuana has risen dramatically within the past two years, increasing at a near-record pace, according to an analysis published Wednesday in the Journal of the American Medical Association.
    In just one year’s time — between 2018 and 2019 — the percentage of high school seniors who reported vaping pot within the past month rose from 7.5 percent to 14 percent.

  • vaping Dec 17, 2019

    E-Cigarettes Linked to Lung Problems, First Long-Term Study on Vaping Finds

    The first study on the long-term health effects of electronic cigarettes finds that the devices are linked to an increased risk of chronic lung diseases, according to research published Monday in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine.

  • vaping Dec 12, 2019

    Vaping Illness Death Count Surpasses 50 in US

    Health officials say the death toll from the U.S. outbreak of vaping illnesses has surpassed 50. U.S. health officials on Thursday said 26 states have reported deaths. The 52 deaths are among more than 2,400 hospitalized cases that have been reported across the nation this year. The median age of the people who died is 52. But most people who...

  • vaping Dec 11, 2019

    Agencies to Share Data After Illness Linked to Pot Retailers

    Two Massachusetts agencies have agreed to share data with each other to investigate whether six probable cases of vaping-related lung illnesses are linked to state-licensed marijuana retailers, as health officials suggested last week. The state’s Cannabis Control Commission and the Department of Public Health entered the agreement Friday to share information on dispensaries identified during interviews with patients, a...

  • vaping Dec 7, 2019

    Massachusetts High Court Delays Hearing on Vaping Ban Suit

    Massachusetts’ highest court is holding off hearing arguments in the vaping industry’s challenge of the state’s temporary ban on vapor products.

  • vaping Dec 6, 2019

    State: 6 Lung Illnesses Linked to Regulated Pot Vapes

    Six Massachusetts residents with probable cases of vaping-related lung illnesses said they used products purchased from state-licensed marijuana dispensaries, according to information released Thursday. It is the first time the state Department of Health has linked illnesses to vaping products bought at dispensaries. The state has flagged 90 probable and confirmed cases of vaping-related lung illnesses. Three of those people…

  • vaping Dec 6, 2019

    Probable Pot Vaping Lung Injuries in Mass.

    State health officials have revealed there are six probable, but not confirmed, cases of vaping-related lung injuries from products bought at regulated marijuana dispensaries.

  • marijuana Dec 4, 2019

    Over 500K Pot Vapes Seized in 2 Years as Busts Rise in US

    As health officials scrutinize marijuana vaping, it’s increasingly on law enforcement’s radar, too. From New York City to Nebraska farm country to California, authorities have seized at least 510,000 marijuana vape cartridges and arrested more than 120 people in the past two years, according to an Associated Press tally derived from interviews, court records, news accounts and official releases. A…

  • Nov 26, 2019

    New York City Bans Flavored Vaping Products

    New York City becomes the first major U.S. city to ban flavored vaping products.

  • Nov 5, 2019

    ‘This Is a Critical Moment’: Convenience Store Owners to Protest Proposed Ban on Menthol Cigarettes

    Convenience stores across Massachusetts are planning to close for the day Wednesday as store owners protest proposed regulations that would take menthol cigarettes off their shelves.

  • Nov 5, 2019

    Some Convenience Stores to Close in Protest

    Hundreds of convenience store owners will close their doors Wednesday and hold a rally at the Massachusetts State House to protest the proposed ban of menthol cigarette sales.

  • Oct 30, 2019

    Mass. Convenience Store Owners Speak Out on Proposed Ban of Flavored Tobacco Products

    As Massachusetts lawmakers looked Wednesday to address the vaping crisis, convenience store owners say any solution should not be a reason to ban products like menthol cigarettes, which they say has nothing to do with the crisis. The convenience store owners rallied on City Hall Plaza in Boston to speak out against a proposed ban on all flavored tobacco products...

  • Oct 20, 2019

    Court to 33Hear Vape Supporters on Sales Ban

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