Scattered Showers for Some Ahead of Chilly Weekend

Rain turns to a wintry mix with some scattered snow coatings on grassy areas Saturday morning in northern New England

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A storm out at sea will bring in scattered showers tonight across southeastern New England. Spotty showers and sprinkles will be across southern New England, but most areas remain dry and cool.

The rain will be primarily across the Plymouth to New Bedford line after dinner time and overnight. A few showers will reach north across southern and central New England, but not as heavy or as widespread as southeastern areas.

Just before dawn, there is a chance for wet snowflakes to mix in with the rain across southeastern Massachusetts. Showers then move out for mid-morning Thursday. Highs in the afternoon reach the 50s and low 60s inland again.

Thursday night another wave of rain moves through northern New England and will swing in a cold front.

We have a chance for minor splash over or flooding due to the high astronomical tides. The full "flower" supermoon rises tonight at 7 p.m. in Boston, and will officially be full Thursday morning. This is the last supermoon of 2020. Watch for standing water during the overnight highs tides tonight through Friday.

We dry out Friday afternoon, with highs in the mid-50s. By evening, the wind picks up and another shortwave brings rain across northwestern New England.

The rain turns to a wintry mix with some scattered snow coatings on grassy areas Saturday morning as a larger system develops into a coastal low and moves through.

Behind this system, a cold front brings in another surge of cold air from Canada that will lower highs to the mid-40s Saturday afternoon with a busy northwest breeze.

Temperatures modify on Mother's Day as we return to the low to mid-50s. Another wave of rain associated with a weak ocean storm lines up for Monday into Tuesday. Highs go from the mid-50s to start the week, to the 60s and near 70 by the end of the 10-day forecast.

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