Parking Restrictions Planned in Boston During Earthshot Prize Awards

Several events in Boston are set to cause traffic and parking restrictions over the coming days

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It's a pretty busy week in Boston.

The Prince and Princess of Wales are in town for the second-ever Earthshot Prize Awards. President Joe Biden is expected in Massachusetts on Friday, as well. The White House said Thursday Biden will meet with William at the John F. Kennedy Library and Museum.

Not to mention there are also several holiday events going on over the weekend.

The Boston Police Department has issued a list of traffic changes drivers should expect due to the high number of events going on.

The Earthshot Prize Awards is scheduled for Friday evening at the MGM Music Hall, and will feature several celebrities. Police say that traffic challenges in the Fenway area should be anticipated.

Boston police said your best bet is to walk, bike or use public transit if you’re planning to be in that area.

“I’m not ready for the traffic so I’m going to avoid it at all costs,” said Nyla Wynn.

Some Boston residents like Wynn are looking to avoid a potential royal mess in town -- and so are authorities as they help the Prince and Princess of Wales navigate the streets of Boston on Friday ahead of the royal couple's main event: the Earthshot Prize Awards.

It's an event Canadian Brianna Shaw was unaware of before coming to Boston.

“It’s funny, people were saying you know, because we’re Canadians we’re here to see the prince and princess, and I said ‘what are you talking about?’ they said, ‘well, Will and Kate are here’ and I said ‘shut the front door!’” she said.

Good thing police aren’t planning on shutting down any streets around Fenway -- yet. However, parking will be difficult. Streets impacted include Van Ness, Lansdowne, and Jersey, as well as Brookline Avenue and Ipswich Street.

In other words, all the roads around Fenway Park will be temporarily restricted.

“We’ll probably anticipate a lot of traffic because I know when they come like to Halifax and stuff, like when [King] Charles was there, it’s chaos because everyone wants to see them,” said Shaw.

No street closures have yet been announced, but the public safety agency issued this list of parking restrictions for the event:

  • Van Ness Street, Both sides, from Ipswich Street to Kilmarnock Street
  • Lansdowne Street, West side (Fenway Park side), from Brookline Avenue to Ipswich Street
  • Jersey Street, East side (even side), from Van Ness Street to Brookline Avenue
  • Brookline Avenue, Both sides, from Lansdowne Street to David Ortiz Way
  • Ipswich Street, Both sides, from Van Ness Street to Boylston Street near Hemenway Street

Between the royals and Biden, commuters should expect Friday rush hour chaos.

“I’ll definitely be leaving a little early and try to get out a little earlier as well because at the end of the day there’s going to be a lot more attention in the city,” said Chris Graham.

“I really do support the royals I love them, they’re awesome,” said Elizabeth Cole, who was visiting her sister Wynn.

Cole is embracing these high-profile visits.

“We’re welcoming them with open arms,” said Wynn.

“Open arms and open hearts,” added Cole.

Private parking such as parking garages are going to be open, but the traffic situation is expected to be fluid around Fenway Park and street closures could happen. So, don’t count on finding much parking if you plan to drive to Fenway on Friday.

For additional parking and traffic changes over the coming days, see this news release from Boston police.

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