Hot, Increasingly Humid Ahead of Fall-Feeling Weekend

High temperatures will be in the 80s over the next few days

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Although Labor Day marked the unofficial end of summer, a warm spell is rolling through New England over the next two days.

A cool front has stalled across northern New York for the time being. That allows us two more days with highs in the 80s - along with a good supply of sun. 

Humidity is slowly on the rise, too. This will make things more uncomfortable in the coming days, but keeps the overnight lows on the mild side. We should see dew points peak near 70 by the time the front rolls in on Thursday.

While the drought drags on, we may have a glimmer of hope for some beneficial water if a tropical disturbance gets drawn into that front Thursday.

Our guidance has been jumpy on this feature, but there is hope something could come of a blob of rainy weather as it is pulled north toward New England. If nothing else, it could make the rain along the front a little more widespread. Fingers crossed!

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