• BOSTON Jul 22, 2020

    Boston Street Sweeping Rules Will Again Be Enforced Starting August 10

    For months, cars parked in Boston spots set for street sweeping haven’t been getting parking tickets. But that will change Aug. 10, when the city will resume enforcing street sweeping laws, the city said in a news release Wednesday. That means vehicles parked where street sweepers are due will get tickets, but, the city said, they won’t be towed...

  • BOSTON Dec 20, 2019

    South End Snafu: Residents Frustrated After City Tows Cars in Parking Mix-Up

    Some Bostonians are frustrated with the city after their cars were towed on Wednesday due to street cleaning, despite an announcement on the city’s website stating the service had been canceled for that day. Anyone who lives in Boston knows parking is an art form with time limits, exclusions, restrictions on certain days and times you can park made...

  • south end parking Dec 20, 2019

    South End Cars Towed in Parking Mix-Up

    On Wednesday some South End residents who parked on Warren street thought they caught a break with an announcement on the city’s website that said street cleaning was canceled due to weather. Only to find out their car had been towed anyway.

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