• Brandon Copeland Oct 7

    Meet Brandon Copeland: Patriots Linebacker, Ivy League Finance Educator

    New England Patriots linebacker Brandon Copeland is helping to change the “dumb jock” narrative. “Unfortunately, there is that negative stereotype of the quote-unquote ‘dumb jock,’” he said. In addition to his position with the Patriots, Copeland teaches finance at the University of Pennsylvania in the offseason. “I’m a New England Patriot right now, and when you look at the...

  • New England Patriots Oct 1

    Getting to Know the New Patriots

    Enough about who’s left the Patriots. Who has actually joined the team since the beginning of free agency? While a steady string of departures headlined by Tom Brady has undoubtedly shaken the foundation of the team, Bill Belichick has quietly brought several players in to begin reshaping what New England’s roster will look like as a new decade begins....

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