• BOSTON Oct 23, 2019

    Marketing CEO Sentenced in College Admissions Scheme

    A California marketing executive and author has been sentenced to three weeks in federal prison for her role in a college admissions bribery scheme. Jane Buckingham appeared in Boston’s federal court Wednesday. The 51-year-old Los Angeles resident pleaded guilty in May to a single count of fraud and conspiracy in a deal with prosecutors.

  • BOSTON Oct 8, 2019

    Couple Sentenced for Rigging Daughter’s Entrance Exams

    A business executive and his wife, a former journalist, were each sentenced to a month in prison Tuesday for paying $125,000 to rig their daughter’s college entrance exams in a scandal involving dozens of wealthy and sometimes famous parents. Gregory and Marcia Abbott, of New York and Colorado, were sentenced in Boston’s federal court after pleading guilty to a single...

  • BOSTON Oct 1, 2019

    Lawsuit Alleging Harvard Discriminated Against Asian Americans Is Dismissed

    Harvard University does not discriminate against Asian Americans in its admissions process, a federal judge ruled Tuesday in a lawsuit that reignited a national debate over affirmative action. U.S. District Judge Allison D. Burroughs said in her decision v that Harvard’s admissions process is “not perfect” but passes constitutional muster.

  • JUDGE Sep 24, 2019

    Executive Gets 4 Months for Bribing Son’s Way Into USC

    A Los Angeles business executive was sentenced Tuesday to four months imprisonment for paying $250,000 to get his son admitted to the University of Southern California as a fake water polo recruit. Devin Sloane, 53, pleaded guilty in May to a single count of fraud and conspiracy in a deal with prosecutors. He is the second parent to be sentenced...

  • JUDGE Sep 13, 2019

    Felicity Huffman Sentenced to Prison Time in College Cheating Scandal

    Actress Felicity Huffman will serve time behind bars for her part in the nationwide college admissions cheating scheme, a federal judge ruled Friday after the “Desperate Housewives” actress gave an emotional statement in a Boston courtroom. In the first of many sentencings to come in the scandal, Huffman got 14 days in prison, a $30,000 fine, 250 hours of community...

  • JUDGE May 13, 2019

    Actress Felicity Huffman Pleads Guilty in Boston Court in College Admissions Scheme

    Actress Felicity Huffman has pleaded guilty to paying $15,000 to rig her daughter’s SAT score in the college admissions scheme. The 56-year-old actress entered the plea Monday to a charge of conspiracy to commit mail fraud and honest services mail fraud.

  • California May 1, 2019

    Big Worry for College Scandal Suspects: Their Co-Defendants

    Parents and coaches cooperating with investigators in the college admissions bribery scandal could spell trouble for those still fighting the charges and lead investigators to new targets. Since authorities arrested dozens of parents and coaches in March, former coaches at the universities of Texas at Austin and Southern California have signed cooperation agreements.

  • CNN Apr 29, 2019

    Felicity Huffman to Plead Guilty in Admissions Scam May 13

    “Desperate Housewives” star Felicity Huffman is expected to plead guilty May 13 to charges that she took part in a sweeping college admissions cheating scam. Huffman had been scheduled to enter her plea in Boston federal court on May 21. But a judge agreed Monday to move up the hearing because the lead prosecutor will be out of town. Also...

  • BOSTON Feb 13, 2019

    Federal Judge to Hear Last Round of Arguments in Harvard Bias Lawsuit

    A federal judge is scheduled to hear a final round of arguments in a lawsuit that says Harvard University discriminates against Asian-Americans. Lawyers from both sides are expected to round up their cases Wednesday at Boston’s federal courthouse.

  • BOSTON Nov 2, 2018

    Harvard University Bias Suit Now in Judge’s Hands

    A trial alleging racial bias in Harvard University’s admissions system has presented two starkly different images of the elite Ivy League school. One side depicts a Harvard that plays racial favorites, lowering the admission bar for certain races and raising it for others, to the detriment of Asian-Americans. The other side paints a Harvard that gives a slight edge to...

  • Cambridge Oct 15, 2018

    Trial Beginning on Suit Alleging Harvard Admissions Bias

    Harvard University intentionally uses a vague “personal rating” to reject Asian-American applicants in favor of students from other racial backgrounds, according to a trial that started Monday and carries weighty implications for dozens of other U.S. colleges.

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