Vegetarian? Vegan? Check Out These Restaurants in the Greater Boston Area

Vegetarian and vegan restaurants to try out in the Boston area and beyond for veggie lovers or vegans to try out.

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Taco Party, located in Somerville, serves inventive veggie tacos and other creative meatless items on their Mexican menu.
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The Clover Food Lab has multiple locations in the Greater Boston area. It is a chain that serves a creative variety of food on the menu with organic ingredients from local farmers.
Life Alive Organic Cafe
Life Alive Organic Café has multiple locations across Massachusetts. The café offers veggie and vegan wraps, smoothies, tea and salad.
Dosa-n-Curry, located in Somerville, is a vegetarian Indian restaurant that serves South Indian, North Indian and Indo-Chinese cuisines.
True Bistro, located in Somerville, is a high-end vegan restaurant with a sleek and candlelit setting that also serves weekend brunch. They make a variety of dishes with fresh high quality plant-based ingredients.
VO2 Vegan Cafe
VO2 Vegan Café is an all-vegan café in Cambridge. They make breakfast and lunch items as well as smoothies.
Walnut Grille
Walnut Grille, located in Newton Highlands, serves a wide variety of vegan and vegetarian options as well as organic wines and cocktails.
Sweetgreen, which has multiple locations, serves salads from locally-sourced farmers.
Amsterdam Falafelshop
Amsterdam Falafel shop is a chain restaurant that serves falafel sandwiches, fries and more.
Veggie Crust
Veggie Curst, located in Somerville and Brookline, serves vegetarian pizzas, pastas, and paninis.
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Whole Heart Provisions, located in Cambridge and Allston, is a vegetarian and vegan street food-inspired restaurant. Veggie lovers can build their own bowls of vegetables, toppings and grains.
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Red Lentil Vegetarian & Vegan Restaurant, located in Watertown, has many wonderful inventive options on their menu including, gluten-free options, vegan smoothies, wine and beer.
Veggie Galaxy in Cambridge is an American old-school diner with a modern twist of their all vegetarian and vegan menu. They serve diner comfort food and vegan baked goods, all made from scratch.
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