10 Outrageous Breakfast Dishes in the Boston Area

Here are some of our favorite breakfast dishes in the Boston area.

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The Mad Hatter Café in Weymouth, Mass. offers a special called the “Mad Hatter Delight.” It includes pastry stuffed with corned beef hash.
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The corned beef hash platter at Corner Café in Stoughton, Mass. includes house-made hash, toast, home fries, and eggs, all with a serving of hollandaise sauce.
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The sublime house-made corned beef hash from Deluxe Town Diner in Watertown, MA is shredded rather than diced and comes with a good amount of potatoes and carrots.
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The Country Hash Special from The Grill and Eye in Weymouth, Mass. is a fine option, with house-made hash, veggies, and eggs making for a simple yet substantial meal.
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The shakalatkes from Inna's Kitchen in Boston, Mass.
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The bacon, egg, and cheese wrap from McKenna's Cafe in Dorchester, Boston is an egg dish with lean slices of Irish bacon.
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One of the real highlights on the menu at Tasty On the Hill in Medford, Mass. is the gut-busting Portuguese beef plate with ham and an egg.
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The breakfast burrito from Victoria’s Diner in Boston, Mass. comes complete with shaved steak, eggs, cheese, peppers, and onions.
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The nap-inducing Strudel Berry French Toast from Newton Village Café in Newtonville, Mass. comes with strawberry ricotta, tangy lemon ricotta pancakes served with blueberries, and a crunchy granola-dipped French toast.
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The apple cider donuts from Westward Orchards in Harvard, Mass.
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